Super Bowl Preview Week: Lookin’ Boy

Hey guys and gals, in case the title wasn’t clear we here at FS! will be running a preview week for the Super Bowl.

Expect all sorts of hot breaking stories and hard hitting facts and whatnot.

I’ll kick off your Monday with some hot Lookin’ Boy action.

Charlie Batch, Backup QB of the Pittburgh Steelers

Looks like the son of John Legend and Howie Mandel.

Because a child is the average of his parents haircuts, right?



Lookin’ Boy: Part Hiatus-Breaker

Anquan Boldin, WR, Baltimore Ravens
RZA, Wu-Tang Clan

The only difference really is RZA’s photo was taken in a professional photographer setting thing. That’s why the warm orange tone of his skin is there.

Otherwise, same person.

I’m back on my game.