I Forgot

I forgot:

To blog yesterday

To.. well that’s pretty much all I have forgotten at this point.

Tracy Morgan forgot to be not hilarious.

Is this sports-related? Yes. It happened on the halftime show on TNT.

Has this been blogged about 10,000,000,000 times already? No there aren’t that many blogs on the internet.

Wait, are there? There are 126,000,000. I just Google-d it. So there are not 10 billion blogs. Only 126 million.

Wow you have to yell super loud to get your blog heard. I guess I’ll never ‘make it’!

Sarah Palin. Tracy Jordan. Or Morgan. 30 Rock. No big deal.

Jack Donaghy.

Tina Fey, Liz or Lis Lemon.


I’ll be back on a more consistent blog schedule starting next week.

As long as one of y’all reminds me.


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