Handicapping The ‘ntest

The Dunk Contest that is.

So the guys dunking have been announced.

Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka, Brandon Jennings, and JaVale McGee.

Solid solid.

LetBrandonJenningsBeADunkContestDarkHorse.com is the latest grassroots campaign to allow a lesser-known player to be in the Dunk Contest.

Who is going to win:

Blake Griffin is going off as a 2:9 favorite.

Serge Ibaka is checking in as a moderate underdog at 100:1.

Brandon Jennings and JaVale McGee are tied at 1,090:3.

What this means:

Blake Griffin will win 9 out of every 2 dunk contests.

Serge will win 1 out of every 100.

Brandon Jennings and JaVale McGee will tie every 1 out of 363.3333 contests.

Serge Ibaka, Future Dunk Contest Runner Up

While those odds are mostly made up, I believe that Blake Griffin will win.

But he could absolutely be a disappointment.

The Dunk Contest is full of those (see: LetShannonDunk.com circa 2009, Brent Barry circa 1996)

Serge could be a creative guy and no one knows. He’s got the ups.

Brandon Jennings tweeted he, alright I guess he didn’t. But I had a dream he Tweeted ‘goin’ back to my hs ups.’ Theoretically he did and deleted it. But he broke his foot. So I don’t see him winning.

JaVale McGee is an idiot. So he won’t win.

Please don’t watch that whole video.

‘Woah hey everyone, I know you read the Fantastik Sports post today!’ -A Cool Bro

‘Ya’ -Everyone

‘Well I loved it first off. But finally, a blog post without a single mention of how broken the dunk contest is.’ -A Cool Bro

‘Ya’ -Everyone

‘It was refreshing in its simplicity and compellingness’ -A Cool Bro

‘Ya’ -Everyone

Some cool bros going to take a piano lesson (via Piano Teachers Forum of Grand Rapids)



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