Rex Ryan And The UConn Women

I don’t think I’m gonna explain the situation. Just read the foot shaped text.

Thanks y’all.

So Rex Ryan’s wife is a foot-loving swinger? Which coach’s wife isn’t these days? 31 of them I believe.

Possibly 30 now that Leslie Frazier is a coach though.

There’s also some video of Rex Ryan saying ‘It’s a personal matter’ over and over again.

It’s a personal matter and I’m not here to comment on that right now.

I’ve always respected Rex Ryan’s wishes in the past.

So on to something I have a strong opinion about:

People caring about the UConn women breaking John Wooden’s streak.

No one should care.

Women’s basketball is not important and no one actually likes it. Except maybe the parents of the players.

And even they don’t ‘like’ it per se. They just attend the games.

Maybe the players like it. But to make 50% of the Sportscenter about the 89th win in a row is absurd. It deserves as much mention as like soccer, futbol, hockey, golf, tennis. IE almost none unless there’s a big fight. And that’s only in hockey.

Did I use IE right? I guess it’s probably i.e. or something like that.

Also the UCLA men’s team would destroy the UConn women.

Women’s basketball is so dominated by one player. The Mens Basketball Game is more team and better defense and offense and. Everything really.

And don’t even give me that ‘the womens game is more fundamentally sound’ because it is not. Not even close.

I’m not categorizing/tagging this post with basketball because it isn’t truly basketball.

I’ve got shopping to do.


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