The NFL: Never False Leverage

What a fantastik title.

I have a well-publicized feud with Jay Glazer.

I like linking to my own blog. Mad hits.

Either way, I don’t really like Jay Glazer. Except, well. Go read that old post.

However, I agree with his assessment of this.

Sal-Alosi-Gate can be put to bed. Or the name Trip-Gate can be re-assigned to Tyler-Brayton-Gate.

I used alot of – in the last two sentences.

My therapist says I should be more positive. From now on, I’ll replace – with +

Math Joke Alert!

Coming Clean: I don’t go to a therapist. She comes to me. And comes on to me. Am I right?

I don’t even know what that meant.

This Tyler Brayton thing is bad though. I am all for people on the sidelines getting in the game. But only when they like, ya know, substitute in. Otherwise people will get injured.

He needs a motto:

Tyler Brayton: Not Realizing The NFL Is Always Being Filmed

Lotta : in the last little bit. Would it be better/more confusing if I turned every : into a smiley via đŸ™‚ ?

I mean why else would there be NFL Films. Am I right?

Yes. This time I am.

Brett is like a little kid out there.

A little kid with the body of a 70+year+old man that will never play another down in the NFL and hopefully never contemplate coming back.

Who knows who that guy on the bottom is?

5 bucks to whoever tells me.

I’m gonna go play golf.


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