Some Thoughts on Some Things

Yes, I used a long title to disguise a short, lazy post yesterday. But whatever. You’re smarter than that so it won’t happen again.

'Hey kid. I like the cut of your jib.' -Peyton Manning

Everyone is freaking out about Peyton Manning. And rightly so. He is throwing more pick than usual. I wish I could say it was his WRs and it just might be.

He has Reggie Wayne. Who is very good. (Last game: 14 catches on 20 targets for 200 yards and 1 TD). But I just don’t think Pierre Garcon is a good enough #2. Also I believe garcon means waiter in French. And when’s the last time you can remember a French guy being good at football?

Jethro Franklin

However the run game does not exist for the Colts. Why am I not suprised. The Colts logo is a horseshoe. That means 2 things.

  1. They should run like horses.
  2. They are superstitious.

I don’t like the sound of either of those things. Everyone knows the Colts running backs have notoriously had trouble dealing with the pressure of expectations. And don’t even get me started about the RBs and superstitions.

“I don’t deal with the dark arts. And you can quote me on that.” -Joseph Addai.

Just saw a Peyton Manning Sony commercial. That’s probably the real problem. THEY ARE NOT FUNNY. Not like this blog which is a laugh every 1.1 minutes.

'Catch 'n' Release, y'all' -Tom Izzo

What is wrong with the Spartans? They lost and they are not very good.

They are currently in second-to-last in the Big Ten. Not good.

Just not good.

'Check out this cellphone belt-holder I just got, y'all.' - Chris Paul

Does Dwight Howard deserve MVP? Does Dirk deserve it? No. And no. I have come out in support of Russell Westbrook for MVP mostly because no one else truly deserves it.

I also hate the Magic. And Dirk has like mad people helping him. Tyson Chandler is throwing up mad defense.

Chris Paul? Love him. But not for MVP. The Hornets have dropped like 8 out their last 9 or something like that. (Fact Check: I still didn’t look). The Hornets are not good. They are the Wizards of last year. And I have the facts to back that up.


Prediction time.

Cliff Lee to the Rangers for 6 years, 140 million.

Paul Konerko to the White Sox for 3 years, 37.5 million.

Carlos Pena to the Cubs 1 year, 10 million.

Derek Jeter to the Yankees 3 years, 51 million.

Jayson Werth to the Nationals for 7 years, 126 million.

UPDATE: I got 5 out of 6 right! I could go a perfect 6 for 6 pending Cliff Lee.

I know you read this blog, Cliff. Don’t mess with me here. Even if the Rangers offered you less and you were planning on accepting, negotiate them up. I know you have that move in your arsenal. I would be willing to appear on your behalf if the negotiations get a bit hairy. I can deal with hair.

Lastly. The Nuggets lost to the Bobcats. That is funny.


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