Russell Westbrook For MVP (UPDATE: Back Off Hiatus)

Sorry about the misleading heading y’all. Just seems like everyone’s pretty hyped to jump on the Westbrook bandwagon and I wanna rack up some mad hits.

This is not a post about Russell Westbrook. Rather it is a post about why all the hype might be deserved but it is also dramatically unnecessary.

Everyone loves lists and everyone loves awards. I know I do. I go on Yahoo! and I will absolutely click on 13 Things Your Flight Attendant Isn’t Telling You. Who wouldn’t? It’s fluff but its damn interesting fluff.

And mid-season awards? I love those. I absolutely love those. Do not get me wrong. Don’t even get me started on how awesome worst of the year awards are. Fantastically interesting albeit really dumb stuff.

But they are incredibly stupid.

Authors, writers, bloggers. They just want people to read the shit they write. I sure as heck do. If I didn’t want people to care I would write about my life rather than the lives of other people.

Oh gosh this is getting all soap-boxy.

But seriously. Russell Westbrook is absolutely the man and the MVP for the Thunder. If the season ended today he would have a great chance at MVP. Damn I should throw more jokes in. Okay.

I really thought this was gonna be all controversial. Not controversial. Just. Well I guess I didn’t know where this was going.

Because the more I think about it, the more I think Russell Westbrook absolutely deserves MVP.

Kevin Durant is playing very Kevin Durant-y. (ie 25 pts on 20-some-odd shots.)

But the Thunder are still rolling. Even in Durants absence. (ie missed like 4 games I think)

I mean they beat the Celtics and Milwaukee without Durant. Because of who? Because of Westbrook. That was a classic rhetorical strategy. Answering my own question. I am a wordsmith.

On another note, the new Kanye West CD is dope.

Back to the Thunder. They absolutely are overachieving, record-wise. In the same way the Heat at underachieving, believe it or not. (Yes the Heat should probably be closer to 14-5 by my calculations.)

But the Thunder are winning tight games. Their point differential is an abysmal +0.4. Which is terrible for a 13-6 team. Russ has just been sealing these games. Well him and Jeff Green. But Jeff Green also hasn’t been playing overwhelming amounts.

Sure, Green hit 3 free throws to send the game to triple OT. Against the Nets, mind you. But it was Russ who dropped 13 (of 13 total Thunder points) to seal the game against New Jersey.


Here’s something I can be controversial about. Well, still not controversial but it annoys me.

Kevin Durant was apparently harassed on Twitter, with some dude calling him the 2nd best player on his own team.

He responded very predictably, saying like ‘Good for my man @RussWest 44, I care about wins over my own personal stats. I am such a everyman basketball player.’


I love Kevin but he needs more of an edge. Otherwise I’m gonna get mad bored.

And he wouldn’t want that.

Damn. I am a little rusty. No jokes no nothing.

Well, Ron Artest didn’t do anything. So.

UPDATE: Ron Artest did his post-game press conference from the perspective of Luis Scola. So that’s out there.

That's not all he did to Luis Scola. AMIRITE? (UPDATE: With that joke, I am officially back)



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