Ron Artest Part 10

Hopefully that embed worked.

Hulu sucks for showing ads and all that nonsense but the video is crazy.

And that’s what disturbs me about Ron Artest’s progression.

Whereas before he was shouting out to Queensbridge moments after winning the NBA Championship and insisting Craig Sager did the same. Before he was talking about a guy getting stabbed in the heart with a table leg over pickup basketball disputes. Before he was rapping for a label entitled ‘Tru Warier’ and even shaving the phrase into his dome.

He was the definition of a meme in the NBA.

But part of what made him so compelling time after time was his (apparent) obliviousness. As though he thought he operated outside the realm of all normalcy.

With this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel/Fallon, he seems to have embraced his meme-ness.

He knows his antics will get reported.

Part of his appeal vanishes with this.

He has gone from unpredictably absurd to still absurd, just in a predictable and cliched way.

The fake beard. The hat. The sleeveless, self-promoting shirt.

He has an iPhone app for god sakes.

However, maybe he was aware of ridiculousness the whole time.

But there was a certain innocence about his hilarity that made him infinitely more appealing. So much so that I have all but forgiven him for the Malice at the Palace.

Classic rhyming.

However, only one part of the show made me believe there is still hope for far left field antics.

He brought a bag with a football in it. And insisted Jimmy Kimmel/Fallon catch a pass.

Is this real hope or am I seeking to grasp onto something that seems like vintage Ron-Ron.

Now that I think about it, he clearly planned that out.

Which makes it all the more depressingly awesome.

Also: there is a second half of the interview. It is even worse and more boring.


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