Ron Artest

Ron Artest strikes again.

He was taking about Kobe Bryant. But we all know where that’s going: the Solar System.

“We’re hungry,” Artest said. “I know I am. And you know Kobe is. Kobe’s after something, I don’t even know what it is. I think he’s after stardom on Pluto or something.”

Come on, Ron. I know you’re holding out. Drop some knowledge on the people.

“Pluto is not even a planet any more, which I’m very disturbed about,” he continued. “When I grew up, Pluto was a planet. And now I’m 25 and I turn around and Pluto’s no longer a planet. I gotta find that guy (who changed its planetary classification) and elbow him in the nose.

There’s the Ron I know and love. Now quick, Ron, overgeneralize.

“I love Pluto. Everybody loves Pluto.”

Sasha Vujacic. Re-inspiring fashion for ‘tall people.’

Ron Artest. Re-inspiring the blog.


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