No, this isn’t BYOB time here at FS!

That title is cleverly adding ‘Brew’ to BYU, showcasing my deft maneuvering-ship of the English language.

‘What’s the point of that title?’

What’s the point of any title?

‘To make clear the purpose of the post’

THIS is a real title page.


BYU went all ‘Notre Dame’ on us and became the ‘hunchbacked ugly stepsister’ of the West Coast.

See what I did there? Notre Dame = University / Part of the title of ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’

The deftness continues.

Am I comedic genius? Yes.

But why does BYU do this?

Holmoe said BYU is trying to gain more exposure and immediately announced two moves that will get the Cougars some notice.

Gain exposure.

What is the point of this? Do they want to face less competition?

I mean sure there’s some coaches that are like ‘hey, let’s schedule some good team to play non-conference!’

So maybe BYU will fill that void. But by the same token, coaches tend to focus on/lose their jobs based on conference performance.

Because there is no metric for judging  quality of non-conference opponents, ultimately non-conference takes a back seat to conference play.

Sure, Boise St. and Virginia Tech are playing this year and that’s a big game. But scrolling through ESPN’s list of ‘BIG GAMES’ the rest are deep-seated rivalries within conference lines, or budding rivalries between conference partners with new found success.

Am I overgeneralizing? Yes. But you have to admit, conference play is far more important.

Does this make BCS birth nearly impossible barring a perfect season? Pretty much.

Because of this, BYU now operates in the middle constantly. Their season has no beginning or end. There’s no finality to playing yet another non-conference opponent. Michigan-Ohio State always has large implications.

I mean, they have images like THIS! It's a big game!

I’m sure I overlook something in this argument. But for me, this feels like a mistake. Notre Dame isn’t exactly the picture of sports powerhouse that it is often treated like. Is this a function of the football conference situation or recruiting or coaching?

The first one. I will conjecture and defend the first one.

They can recruit like beasts because it’s ‘Notre effing Dame’ Coaching is also not a huge part of the game. Heck, recruiting is the coach’s biggest job. And Weis could do it. I actually blame their failure on lack of a conference. Because there is no one to compete with that has any other meaning besides ‘just another game.’

Sure, Utah is good and a rival for BYU but Utah can be successful with a loss to BYU. I don’t think that’s true the other way around.

Am I surprised BYU did it? Well no. If it was gonna be anyone it was gonna be them. I mean they are now Notre Dame West.

I mean, can they go BCS-ing? Maybe. Is it much harder now? Yes.

The BYU football team has sacrificed stable, upward trending competition in favor of a payday and a few games on ESPN.

Classic BYU football.

Also: ESPN has a blog article that disturbs me. And it’s about this very topic.

The title is: ‘BYU enters world full of unknowns’

So just breezing through it, the point of the post seems to just be about how we can’t predict anything about BYU.

Speculation is the basis of the majority of non-news-reporting sports journalism.

For example, what effect Player X will have on Team Y. What Player M’s injury means for Team N’s season.

Sure, there is merit to exploring unknowns. But this just come across as an unnecessary post. WHAT IS THE POINT.

She makes no claims and just talks about how ‘oh, it could go this way or that way. Good thing I can say I predicted it either way!’

It is this very reason I hate Bill Simmons.

'What you said in 701 words, I could say in 14,000' - Bill Simmons

I mean is that post even editorial or is it purely meant at ‘just reporting’?

It is safe to say big questions remain for BYU and the WAC going forward. They are essentially entering a world full of the unknown.

I could write a more compelling piece than this.

Oh wait. I did.


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