The NL is Worse than the AL

Although the image edits the spelling of the headline it says

‘Happ stymies Cardinals with two-SHIT shutout’

‘Road gets rougher with two-SHIT shutout’

Oh my gosh y’all they misspelled something!

Let’s all go have a cow.

But it does get to a bigger point about the difference between the NL and the AL.

The NL sucks in every way except one:

Pitchers get to bat.

‘Yo, FS!, bro. The NL and the AL are basically the same’

Falso, BRO.

The Rangers and the Rays and the not-Padres play in the AL.

That’s gotta be worth something.

While I’m posting pictures, I’ll go ahead and throw in a picture of hungry Deangelo Hall, mid-game accepting a hot dog gift from a fan.

Apparently the fan wanted a helmet but had to settle for an autographed hat.

It appears to be an ugly hat.

Wonder if the fan knew he was gonna ‘get shafted’ by Deangelo or if he was ‘just happy to be there’

I heard Deangelo was allergic to sauerkraut. Wonder if this guy was secretly a Jets fan and was trying to make Hall’s ‘throat close up’

Here’s the dialogue in this guys head:

‘I’m gonna go to the game dressed in Redskins apparel on the off-chance Deangelo Hall asks for a hot dog and then I’ll give it to him and he won’t notice the potentially life threatening susbstance on top of the hot dog and will need to go to the emergency room/morgue and the Jets will win. And I’ll get an ugly hat out of it!’

Nothing else interesting happened in sports today. Cut me a break.


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