Hunting Quarterback

Ndamukong Suh nearly killed Jake Delhomme.

He snagged his facemask, forced him to his knees, then lifted him up and smashed him on the ground.

I have never been more in favor of a move.

Its no secret that I think Toby Gerhart/Suh should have tied for Heisman last year.

I mean there were no two more dominant players on the football field ever last season.

Its also no secret that I hate Jake Delhomme. He was only good when throwing to Steve Smith and Mushin Muhammed (Did I spell that right?).

Oh and that’s the good Steve Smith. Not the overrated one that plays for the Giants.

Seriously, has a player ever been so overrated? Fantasy-wise that is.

Prove me wrong Bad-Steve Smith.

THIS is what a photoshoot looks like?! Its like my childhood has been ruined.

Speaking of proving me wrong, what’s the rule about white after Labor Day?

Because my complexion looks dope with white everything. So I’m gonna keep wearing it.

Apparently Seneca Wallace thinks Suh should be suspended.

SENECA. Are you just taking out your anger from the spankings that Nebraska handed Iowa State during your tenure?

Or are you speaking out of turn? Did you forget that you were a 3rd string quarterback on the most losing team of the past decade, East of the Mississippi that is?

UhOh. I smell a rivalry. For worst sports city of all time.

I mean like do I know the geographical location of Detroit in comparison to Cleveland? No. Do I know where the Mississippi is? Yes. Kind of.

Where is ‘the Mississippi River’?

Is there too much of a divide between people who are ‘west’ and those who are ‘east’ of the river?

Is there such a thing as ‘Westies’ and ‘Easties’? Or is ‘Westie’ a breed of dog?

Do only dogs live ‘West’ of the Mississippi?

Should Seneca Wallace learn ‘his place’? Should he stop trying to ‘harsh the mellow’ of Suh who’s just trying to make ‘mad bank’ as a first round pick?

Is Seneca Wallace ‘legitimately concerned’ or is he just ‘gay’?

Is ‘gay’ a slur? Or is it ‘complimentary’ even in the context of ‘Seneca Wallace’?

One of these people is Seneca Wallace. My money's on the far right.

Am I ‘using’ ‘ ‘ ‘ correctly?


And I am not in favor of this play because its ‘old school football’. Only idiots in the mainstream media think this. And even then its mostly the fringe of the mainstream media. The fringe of the mainstream. Does that even exist?


PS: I wrote this whole post without realizing that the Suh is on the Lions. And Delhomme’s on Cleveland. How ironic.


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