The Non-Cutting Edge Is Where I Like To Operate Usually

Was that title too long? Oh well. It fully expressed my views.

First off y’all. Lil’ Wayne has way more knowledge about tennis than 99% of the population.

Is this because he ‘smokes mad weed’ and ‘gets mad lifted’ all the ‘time’? Or is it because he raps for a living and ‘has mad free time’?

Is ‘mad’ a good or bad thing?

I mean, sure, he knows the Nadal facts but so do alot of folks. I mean he’s good and those stats just confirm it.

But the Del Potro thing… Wow. I am impressed. I know the name Del PotBro. But I didn’t know about a possible ‘drop out’.

Did Lil’ Dwayne just ‘scoop’ all the major media outlets? Did he just ‘break the Del PotBro story’ before ESPN?

Sup Del PotBro

Also: he gives credit to Federer and Djokovic and Roddick. All those guys are good. But his overall ‘upset special’ is Andy Murray.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Andy Murray:

He is from England.

Does this make Lil’ Weezy a ‘redcoat’? Did he just become the ‘Benedict Arnold’ or the tennis world?

Do you think Lil’ Wayne has been eating eggs Benedict in prison?

OH. MY. G.

Do you think placing the women last in the letter signifies that they will ‘forever be beneath the male-dominated tennis world’?

Or did he ‘save the best for last’?

Are women ‘the best’?

Do we only think of women as 'things to marry'?

How do you feel about Dwayne Carter’s penmanship? Is it more ‘fancy’ or ‘girly’?

Why do all his ‘j g y’ s have the little underline lookin’ boy things on them?

Does he try to emphasize the j’s and g’s and y’s?

Are other letters gonna be ‘mad jealous’?

Will he write a rap song using only those three letters?

What rhymes with ‘jgy’? ‘Gyj’?

Which letter is best?

Should I ever use a period again? Or should every post be entirely questions?


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