New NBA Jerseys

Utah Jazz

Upgrade. The purple and whatever other color they had was so lame.

I love purple. Don’t get me wrong. But it just didn’t work in the great state of Utah.

I really like the color scheme. It’s strong without being too aggressive. Clean as well.

They do need a new name though.

Here are some options:

  • Utah California Gulls (Yes, that is their state bird.)
  • Utah Lakers (Makes way more sense in Salt Lake City. Or Minnesota.)
  • Utah Cutthroat Trout (What a beastly fish.)

I got through 3 names without making a Mormon joke.

I deserve a medal.

FUN ACTIVITY: Can you name any of the four players pictured in the photo above? I can’t!

Los Angeles Clippers

Could Vinny Del Negro be more generically dressed? Wear come Clippers gear. Or a whistle. OR ANYTHING other than just a black athletic polo with black athletic shorts.

On to uniform critique.

What is wrong with the collar? Why does it not go all the way around? It’s got like a little triangle taken out. What is the point of this? Why?

I also disagree with the LAC logo directly below the triangle cutout in the collar.

What is the purpose of that? For people who can only read things under 1 inch in size? CLIPPERS/LOS ANGELES is huge across the front of the jersey. I just do not understand.

Is Blake Griffin even good?

Why don’t NBA teams wear white on color or color on white? Like rock the red jersey with the white shorts. I think that would look weird.

I like weird.

Jersey is dark purple. Shorts are light purple. Luv u, Kareem

That was a short one.

I’m tired.

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