NFC Preview

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

The NFL’s toughest division is home to the NFL’s best team.

The Dallas Cowboys will be the best team in the NFC and will probably win the Super Bowl.

This is unbiased advice.

UPDATE: I am a Cowboys fan.

UPDATE II: It’s still unbiased.

Look at how ripped David Buehler (Kicker, Dallas Cowboys) is.

NFC West: San Francisco 49ers

David Carr and Alex Smith should both benefit from the possible quarterback competition. Because they are both career underachievers.

But they do have Michael Crabtree and Ted Ginn Jr. to throw to.

Ted Ginn Jr. is good at returning kickoffs in Madden 09.

UPDATE: I don’t own Madden 09. I only have Madden 05. For PS2.

Dan Hanson and Ted Ginn Jr.

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings

I believe in Tavaris Jackson. Even when no one else believed in him. I guess you could compare him to Martin Luther King Jr. in that sense.

I believed in MLK even when he didn’t believe in himself.

UPDATE: That was really stupid.

However, Bernard Berrian plays for them. And he’s friends with Ochocinco. He’s even been on Ocho’s dating show.

Percy Harvin was also so beast at fantasy football last year. Stupid migraines.

Bernard Berrian, Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens on Ochocinco's dating show on VH1.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints

They won the Super Bowl. They will not win again. They will lose to the Cowboys. Again.

Sorry Saints fans.

Who Dat is still super annoying.

Who in the South is gonna beat them though?

Atlanta? Matt Ryan disappeared last year. Roddy White is still mega good though. Hm.

Carolina? They will only win when Jimmy Clausen starts. That won’t happen until at least week 9. So they’ll start off 0-8 then finish 8-8. Classic Clausen style. They will probably have a perfect season in 2011 with Jimmy at the helm.

Tampa? Really? No. Their backfield is stacked though.. Hm.

New Orleans related image.

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