Pittsburgh won a game in walk-off fashion yesterday.

Who care?

Answer: the radio play-by-play guys.

OH MY GOD. Check.

Wahoo, wahoo! Check.

Whistling. Check

Giggling. Check.

Rockin’ n’ rollin’ at PNC Park. Check.

Lord help us and save us, cried Mrs. McDavis. Check.

Such bizarre reactions.

Yet I challenge you to not listen to it like 3 times.

I know I did.

On another note: don’t they tell you to NOT whistle into the mic on like Day 2 of journalism school.

On another note: Day 1 is probably learning everyone’s names and getting school supplies and stuff, right?

Cut me some slack. I am tired. Here’s a picture of some random Pirate Lastings Milledge.

Lastings Milledge in a Sweater

UPDATE I: Lastings Milledge is now a Washington National.

UPDATE II: I already knew that. I just wanted to write it in UPDATE form.

UPDATE III: Hey Lastings, I heard your girlfriend say you weren’t LASTINGS very long.

UPDATE IV: Sorry for UPDATE III y’all


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