LA Times, Get At Me

The LA Times Magazine apparently exists. Whether it has an audience outside of LA or even their own offices remains to be seen.

UPDATE I: It has a circulation of 250,000. Whatever that means.

UPDATE II: I made that up.

Either way they take magnificent pictures of LA-based athletes.

Kobe Bryant, LA Laker

That was a pretty popular picture. At least on the blogosphere.

Although y’all probably don’t read any other blogs. You just some how found mine. And only read mine. Right.

Either way Kobe looks really good in this picture. At least in my opinion.

I think the all white signifies his purity.

That wasn’t meant to be a sex joke. So don’t take it that way.

Was he planning on climbing on the pane-less glass window ladder thing? Or just wearing a bowtie with like a skullcap-hat combo and chillin?

This has been riffed on enough.

Andre Ethier, LA Dodger


I dig velvet. Who doesn’t.

I also dig bowties. Kobe had one, Andre has one. LA Times Mag digs them too.

But why does he look like Willy Wonka. I am SURE that joke has been made but seriously. It bares repeating. Bears. Or bares. I really don’t know.

Why does he have a cane? Is he trying to tell us something? Is he injured? Is he playing hurt? Can he even walk anymore? Dodgers fans. I need you. Hit me up. Is Ethier okay?

Andre Ethier, LA Dodger

Mad Men is super popular. I don’t mind this shot.

But it doesn’t confirm that he isn’t hurt. Look at his right foot (your left) because he’s not putting any weight on it.

ANDRE ETHIER IS INJURED. You heard it here first.

Andre Ethier, LA Dodger

Am I the only one who thought Andre Ethier was black?

Also: the bowtie count is up to 3.

Thick pinstripe count: TOO MANY.

He looks like an asshole.

He plays baseball. He doesn’t go to theme parties all the time.

UPDATE I: He actually does. He ‘loves a good mafia-themed bash.’ Direct quote.

UPDATE II: Direct made-up quote.

Andre Ethier, LA Dodger

This seems fake.

LA Times, Get At Me. I want a photoshoot. I’ll even play for the Padres if I have to.

UPDATE: LA is not San Diego. Sorry Padres.

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