Chicken + Young Meez

What do NBA players dream of, when they dream their little NBA player dreams?

Do they dream of starring in a ‘Rap Video’ or meeting England’s Queen?

'Sup DeJuan. Wanna party in my Castle?'


DeJuan Blair is like ‘Yo, dawg. Lemme T-Pain this dope tribute song for your slain homie’

And the other guy (either Chicken or Young Meez) is like ‘No, you play basketball. I doubt you have the voice for this.’

DJ-Bleezy is all like ‘Yo what if I do it in a sexii ass falsetto.’

They agree that it will both suck and tie the whole song together, so DJ-Bleezy is in.

While debating where to shoot the video, the group and DJ Bleezy agree that a basketball court would best represent their dead friend’s life.

DJ-Bleezy texts all sorts of people that he’s gonna be ‘hittin’ up the court’ soon.

Naturally this is misleading because everyone assumes he will be playing not flailing around and singing in a ‘sexii ass’ falsetto.

The ladies are looking hot and ready to watch DJ-Bleezy wreck some n00bs on the court.

'Sup Queen of England. Wanna chill with me in this spotlight?'

They see the cameras, assuming its an And-1 mixtape shoot. Because that makes sense to them. (Hey, cut them some slack, it was hot out there.)

Then the video shoot starts and everyone gets all confused.

Then DJ Bleezy tells them to sing along with his beautiful voice.

They do so, un-enthused. (Note: This is realistically probably due to the content of the song.)

Some random rap interludes. Blah blah he died.

More DJ Bleezy.

More rapping.

Now the good part. Back at the Lab, or video editing facility, Young Meez is cutting the video.

Chicken’s all like ‘Yo we should make this black and white because it would make it more solemn and people would know it wasn’t a ‘party jamz”

Young Meez is like ‘I feel that idea. I mean I assume people will listen to our lyricism and know its not a ‘party jamz’ but I am all for somber music videos.’

DJ Bleezy is like ‘Yo make all the rizzed stand out y’all. That’d be so symbolic in this bitch for our homie.’

Chicken and Young Meez both say ‘What is rizzed?’

‘Red with an izz. Rizz-ed. Two syllables’

Little did Bleezy know that NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT.

And, scene.

'Yo Chicken/Young Meez, if we're goin' all rizzed, can I go cop a Blazers jerzz from my homie out in Portland?'

DeJuan Blair had an insanely effective rookie campaign. He fell to the Spurs. His draft day might have sucked. But he was throwing up ridiculous rebound numbers from Day 1. Rarely do I give props to a Spur.

In this case I do it to cut him down a peg.

With such success in the NBA, why make this video? You can’t sing. You out-height everyone on the court by like 8 inches.

Pay tribute to him on the court with your game.

Let your game do the talking/singing. Not your lips/vocal cords.

Note: This is in no way meant to mock the death of Antonio Hampton. May he rest in peace.


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