Sky Might Fall

Omg y’all.

Stephen Strasburg aka Kid K aka SS Prime aka Senator Strasburg aka The Usher aka The Strasburg Railroader aka The Golden Child aka Summer Freeze

The Strasburg turned blue!

is injured.

He’s on the DL. Keep it on the DL.

This news is basically the apocalypse for every blogger and person on the planet.

He is very impressive. He is not a victim of the hype machine.

People get injured. Let’s just hope he can avoid cross-sports references like Greg Oden. Who is currently all hype, all injury with Kevin Durant making the NBA look like its played in slow motion. Except for that silky jumper.

KD-rooling aside, Strasburg probably needed a break and a stint on the DL is not the end of the world. UNLESS IT IS AND ALL HOPE WILL BE LOST.

Here are some things you can do while you wait 15 days for Stras-mas in July. Or August. It’ll be August in like 3 days.


1. Watch quality baseball every night.

The Texas Rangers are totally beast. The Padres are good. I think. But really Rangers-Angels starts in two days. That’s a big series for both teams. And you can watch Cliff Lee pitch.

2. Play with your kids.

If you have kids. If you don’t, just go hang out at the park. There are tons of kids there. Except by the parks at my house. Those are usually empty.

3. Read the archives of my blog.

There’s nothing better than me logging in each morning to find yet another comment on my Rajon Rondo post. Yes, I get it. He’s kinda good now. I also understand he’s ‘sexii’

4. NFL Training Camps.

Started this week. But those other 3 options are so much better. I wanna know just how ‘sexii’ Rondo is.

5. Contemplate life

Last resort. You don’t wanna uncover any huge truths about life. Unless you can do that in like 14 days. Because by then, Strasburg will be back. Nothing worse than almost discovering deep things about life only to have a good pitcher come off the DL and ruin it.

6. Grow terrible facial hair.

That’s a pretty good post.

Thx y’all


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