Goodbye Yao Ming

I would request that you play this song while you read my words. Thank you in advanced.

Yao Ming

I hardly knew thee

You hardly know me

You came across the pond

I immediately grew fond

The Great Pacific Pond

Winning not enough like Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond

All 7’6″ of you

You could probably pound 76 brews

310 pounds of pure muscle and speed

So please don’t leave, don’t make me plead

You have a 23% chance of making the Hall Of Fame

Like a lion, my heart you tame

Unfortunately you played for a sucky team like the Rockets

Tracy McGrady and you, injured and lining your pockets

You could never win a championship

What rhymes with championship?

Your game was the opposite of poetry

So big and not particularly good, dontcha see

Enough with the poetry

Yao, you were a victim of the Chinese Hype Machine.

And frankly I don’t know whether to blame you or not.

But I never liked you.

Pau Gasol is like Yao 6.0

Sorry I don’t like you.

H8 the Rockets

Wish I had more to say about anything today..

Do you think Yao deserves the Hall Of Fame?
Should he demand a trade to a contender?
Do you think the problem is the lack of good doctors in the greater Houston area?
Should he demand a trade to Orlando for the quality of medical care there?
Is Yao the ‘Great Chinese Hope’?
Is Jeremy Lin the ‘new Yao Ming’?
Would you rather build a franchise around Jeremy Lin or Yao Ming?
Are all Asian NBA players the same person (via racism)?


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