SEC And The Agent Calling-Name, Lame Blame Game

Pimps. Predators. Evil men. Devils.

All names that agents have been called at SEC Media Daze. Except the second two.

But this is missing the point.

While ‘rules’ may be good and noble, they do not work.

People are going to break laws and rules unless they have concrete proof that it is bad.

Except for maybe like smoking crack. But I don’t know who says ‘oh, I should probably go smoke some crack.’

That’s a thorny issue that I kinda don’t wanna talk about it.

‘But you started it’

Well, now I’m finishing it.

Back to the point at hand. The SEC and all of College Football will continue to have problems with players and agents until they have a concrete example of how stupid it can be to deal with these people too soon.

Hence, I would support a plan to eliminate the rules for a 2 year grace period and allow 5th graders (and anyone else) to talk to agents and seek deals in the NFL.

While that may be unlikely, a 12th grader could see the green and seek a pro deal over college.

Now, while college may not be the institution of ‘higher learning’ to these athletes as it is to the majority of people, it is an ends to a mean.

Skipping that steps means more money sooner, right?

College Football must teach these damn college-aged kids a lesson. Like ‘don’t pass out with your shoes on.’ Or have we learned nothing from Asher Roth?

The SEC guy is all like ‘we gotta start from the ground up and give these student-athletes all the information they need’

That’s paraphrasing. Don’t get confused by the half-quotes.

Sure, that will work. Because your job is political you can get by on lame rhetoric and long-term plans which hinge on you.

But that’s nothing. That’s not a real plan.

We need agents in every middle school in the damn country. We want kids to be annoyed by these agents, robbing the proverbial cradle. Or even possibly the physical cradle.

I mean, I was a pretty large baby. I am not big anymore. But hey, for a price, Drew Rosenhaus could have gotten a room at my house when I was a baby. That would have been dope. Good morning mom, dad, and Mr. Rosehaus.

Good Morning, Mr. Rosenhaus. Can you pass the salt, Mr. Rosenhaus? I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM, MR. ROSENHAUS! (Yes, I would share a bathroom in this theorhetical house with Drew Rosenhaus.)

College football quality would go down because kids might be jumping to the NFL. But that’s a hit I am willing to take because overall, the quality would improve in the long term.

I have to be overlooking something. Anyone?

This is a classic example of the ‘blog-post theory’

I wish it had more of a conspiracy vibe. Oh well.

Tour de France sucks so didn’t wanna talk about that. Perhaps tomorrow?

I leave you with this picture of Pete Rose and his ‘fashion cap’.

It almost has a pinkish hue. Sweet hat, Pete Rose

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