Welcome Back To Me

What did I miss?

I feel like my last comeback started like that as well.

I posted last before the Final Four was even over. That seems like about 4 months. Far too long to be gone.

I missed:

  • Opening Day
  • Final Four
  • US Open
  • Some stupid tennis tournaments
  • NBA Finals
  • NHL Finals
  • World Cup
  • and 3/4 of The Bachelorette

The World Cup was analyzed to death so I mean what could I have said about that?

On second thought.. I don’t really analyze anything. So I guess I could’ve made stuff up.

Currently though, the LeBron James saga has ended. In a real ‘eff-you’ way to everyone.

Now, I know, I know LeBron had every right to leave Cleveland.

But, BUT unless he was going to stay in Cleveland, The Decision never should have happened.

The Decision could have been a picture of loyalty. Something for the media to drool over.

Wait, am I considered a part of the media?

I don’t actually know.

Anyway, I now hate LeBron. So that’s all I have to say about that.

What inspired this comeback, besides the prodding of some die-hard fans, is the surprising relevance of Lance Armstrong (subject of one of FS! most popular posts) and the outrageous amount of rude and profane comments on the Rajon Rondo interview.

A surprising number of people ignored the content of the post entirely instead choosing to comment on Rondo’s cuteness.

In my time off, I have been reading hipsterrunoff.com A LOT. So expect more ‘hardcore’ use of single quotations.

Often ‘at’ odd, inopportune times.

Back to the real point:

My most popular posts are the Fake Interviews. Hence I will do far more of these. Possibly 2-3 a week. Probably limited content past that. But only time will tell.

I will revisit Rondo. And Armstrong.

I will visit for the first time some others.

The real-ness begins tomorrow.

Prepare yourself.


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