The John Wall Dance featuring Duke

(Skip to 45 seconds)

By now, you should know who John Wall is and what he created.

The John Wall Dance is pretty much just flexing your muscles in a semi-rhythmic way.

Don’t let that unenthusiastic description fool you: I love the John Wall Dance.

I also love mocking.

So thank you, Da’Sean Butler and Other Guy for making this doubly awesome.

John Wall is dope, but please, mock him because he lost.

That’s the American Way: losers get mocked.

Also: stupid people get mocked.

Duke has a store on their website right? Right.

They have a god-awful Final Four shirt on it right? Right.

So why did they pencil in Northern Iowa and Washington and Syracuse?

I guess it would be easier to show you.

Sure, it comes with the disclaimer that:

“Please Note: For illustrative purposes only. Teams subject to change.”

However, whoever mocked-up this tshirt probably has a bracket.

And that bracket ended up being pretty good.

I mean no perfect bracket but Washington and Northern Iowa made it further than everyone thought.

But they still aren’t in the Final Four.

This shirt is also ugly.

And still stupid.

Oh, and they included themselves on the mock-up shirt.

How presumptuous.

I hate Duke.


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