Kurt Warner’s Respect Just Walked It Out…

…out the door!



Two things I find utterly awesome about this video.

  1. His sunhat.
  2. His dancing.

What? You thought I would hate that dancing?


I love it.

However, I did respect Kurt Warner. He was a quality quarterback up until like last week when he retired. Frankly I think the Cardinals are done with making the playoffs because, let’s be honest with one another, Matt Leinart is hot, not a good QB.

Make me eat my words, kiddo. Also: none of those girls are attractive. I'm sure they have spectacular personalities. But let's face it, he can do better.

Just because he threw his dignity by the wayside, right next to his grocery store clerking, does NOT mean I don’t respect/love him.

Quite the opposite.

I don’t appreciate the humanizing factor of his dancing.

I don’t want to think athletes are like me because if I do, not only do whimsical things like Kurt Warner happen but also things like Tiger Woods happen.

Celebrities deserve to be separate from the average but not necessarily allowed to do dumb things.

Wow. Soapbox.

What is with soapbox derby cars these days? This was not made in some shabby garage nor by that kid. THAT'S NOT A SOAPBOX DERBY. I am sick and tired of this nonsense. Now I'll get off Soapbox soapbox. Hiyo.

I feel like I need to throw some one-liners in.

Then again, I don’t really have any.

Why did the black guy in the video have a referee jersey on? Why did it have to be black and white separated? Isn’t racism bad enough already?

Just kidding. I don’t get the shirt he’s wearing but I don’t care about what color it is.

Although white isn’t a color. It’s the absence of color.

I don’t understand the circular set-up of the dancing though.

Usually that implies a contest or dance battle. Was that a battle? If so, Kurt lost. He only had one move. Sad.

Sorry, I completely ignored the sunhat.

Is that stubble not enough protection from the sun? Because you look quite rugged, Kurt.

Sunhats are ugly and stupid.

Don’t wear them.

Not even people who need them.

Sacrifice your skin to keep your dignity.

Or don’t heed my advice.

Your call.


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