Kevin Youkilis

I’m saving a really good joke for the end. Just wait.

A Promotion For Some Charity and Kevin Youkilis


Cool your jets, man.

I am NOT hating on charity. Please.

I’m like Joe Charity. Every weekend I’m either attending a benefit or running a 5k.

Not because the 5k is for a charity, its just how far I run.


I do not hate what he is doing this Mirror Mirror project for.

I just hate the fact that it describes one of the four looks above as “Youk’s Best Look Of All.”

That is so ridiculous.

He looks good in none.

The goatee only looks decent because that’s what we always see him in.

The mustache makes him look like a cop. And an ugly cop too.

Change cop to just person. He just looks like an ugly person.

Clean Shaven makes him look young. And he did not look good when he was young.

The Fu Man Chu is clearly a joke and this one will win. Because the Fu Man Chu is “funny”

“Funny” like Dane Cook is funny.

Wait, no that joke is overused.

“Funny” like Saturday Night Live is funny.

Yes. I do not think Saturday Night Live is funny. The only funny thing ever is Lazy Sunday. And even then.

I mean the charity part is good. Don’t get me wrong. But the actual contest is just unnecessary and dumb.

Kevin, you and I both know that your face is a temple. Let’s be honest.

You can be a beautiful man. You can.

But it’s things like this that make people not take you seriously.


Grow some hair on your hair. Not on your chin. Then that lady friend of yours might not look so distant from you. So take my word. I would know.

I know it’s a late post.

But I was like doing stuff.

Like watching Mighty Ducks.




2 thoughts on “Kevin Youkilis

  1. God this blog sucks

    I hate you…and this blog

    you do realize that everyone who reads ends up killing themselves right? I mean, you can’t even spell “fantastic” right and its in your fucking title.

    Oh well, time to kill myself now that I’ve seen this filth

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