I don’t Care who you are. This is Funny.

Is it wrong? Probably.

Is it hilarious? Probably not.

I mean come on.

No one is proud about it but this is funny.

Does this make me a bad person? Yes.

I don’t know what to think.

My moral side says to be upset at myself for paying attention to women’s college basketball.

My immoral side tells me to laugh.

Either way, I feel bad.

Either way, suspend her for life.

That was like naked aggression.

Sorry for switching opinions 3 times in a matter of sentences.

Let’s keep the Brittney Griner videos rolling…

(I highly recommend watching the entirety of the next video.)

She can’t ball better than me.

Can she really dunk? She can? So? Ballin’ is not dunking.

Ballin’ is a habit. That doesn’t look like a habit to me.

How do we know that wasn’t VideoShopped?

Oh, because VideoShop doesn’t exist?

Wow. How naive are you? Of course it exists.

If this isn't VideoShop, then what is?

I just whipped up a little ladybug video action with VideoShop.


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