AL West Preview

Just kidding.

Everyone hates baseball.

Except maybe the team in your hometown.

Which would be the Texas Rangers for me.

Apparently Josh Hamilton think we’re gonna win 96 games.

That seems a little high.

Only 2 teams last year (2009) got ≥96 wins.

The Yankees (103) and the Angels (97).

Haha it's funny because it's true.

The two most hated teams in the world.

For me at least.

The Redsox are also very very hated.

But we’ll give them a pass for the sake of my anger.

Go back to 2008.

Three teams. Angels (100), Rays (97), Cubs (97).


Indians (96) and Redsox(96)


Yankees (97), Mets (97), and Twins (96)

Look. Josh. We get it. You got swag.

Although how do you have swag without the Byrdman?

Let’s just say maybe Josh is a little cocky. The Rangers did not make the playoffs last year. 96 wins would put them at the top of nearly every division, year in and year out. So I don’t know what is wrong with Josh.

Also, do the Rangers want to be grouped with the Mets and the Redsox? No.

Except for each team's hot, hilarious, rock-loving fanbase.

I refuse to make a drug joke because I actually respect that he got his life together.

See? The whole blogosphere isn’t just mean and angry.

Although I was angry a little while ago..


Another thing that I think is dumb.

Michael Jordan losing HORSE to Gerald Henderson.

And people caring.

The second part more so than the first.


The blogosphere is the real criminal here. I pull up Basketbawful or The Baseline on my phone and lo and behold, there’s people caring.


(Those are all very respectable hoops blogs. Check them out.)

((Also: On FreeDarko, they talk about it in a funny way.))

Is it funny? Not really. Is Jordan so competitive that he might like snap and break Gerald’s neck or burn his house down? Yes. Would either one of those scenarios be funny? No. Just horrible.

Its a game of HORSE.

"Hey! Look everyone! I have a black friend and a goofy smile!!" Jon Scheyer. (Is that Jon Scheyer?)

They play it at the All-Star Game. Kinda.

Kevin Durant.

That’s all I have for you guys today.

Oh and I’ll add some pictures. Not that that comment will make any sense when I post this. But whatever.

Answer: You don’t.


I intentionally spell Redsox as one word to upset Redsox fans.

I just assume it works.


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