I thought I told Ya. I’m a star.

That video serves no purpose other than to describe the title of this post.

I was trying to think of a song where they said “I told you so.”

I think Jeff Bagwell said it once. I don’t know.

Jeff Bagwell

The real question of this post:

Am I above quoting myself?


Usually. Except when I’m right. So I have to take advantage of the opportunity right?

Dallas needs to win in the playoffs to win me over.

And beat the Giants. And go at least 10-6 if not 11-5.

Then we can talk.

Don’t even get me started on Roy Williams.

Of course I’m right.

Everyone is sipping Cowboy Kewl-Aid.

And I’m all like “Really?”

And they’re all like “Yeah”


Who doesn't love Marty B? 'HollyMartyBWood'

But seriously.

That game was trash for everyone involved.

The Cowboys looked all but nonexistent up until… well never.

The final TD was a mere formality, rather than a legitimate offense attack.

They looked lethargic, lazy and disinterested.

It was demoralizing.

I can pinpoint a grand total of 3 moments that defined this game for the Cowboys.

  1. Felix Jones (doesn’t) recover a fumble. Sure the NFL is ‘correct’ that they can’t review the play? WHY THE HELL NOT?! The Pack got the ball on the 2 yard line. And scored. Big surprise.
  2. Tony Romo throws a pick on the goal line. 6 minutes or so to go, 1st and goal on the 1 yard line. Jason Garrett draws up a curl route, Romo makes a bad throw, scoring chance vanishes. Obviously Jason Garrett has never played Madden. Never run curls, they just get picked. JOKING ASIDE. Bring in 9 linemen, Marion Barber and Tony Romo. Hand the ball to Marion. Score a damn touchdown.
  3. Marc Colombo goes down with an injury. This is a little more subtle than the previous 2. Colombo is really the firestarter of the offensive line. Without him, who will inspire the troops? Flozell Adams? No. Flozell, go be worthless somewhere else. Also that injury left Dallas with Doug Free in Marc’s place. Free’s first play? Gets beat on the outside and almost sack/fumble.
Doug Free (L) can't even lift that thing alo. He needs James Marten (R) to help him. What a n00b, right guys?ne
Doug Free (L) can't even lift that thing alone. He needs James Marten (R) to help him. What a n00b, right guys?

The Packers should be less than satisfied with their performance as well.

Aaron Rodgers looked shaky. The only reason we aren’t talking about him having a horrible game is because of Donald Driver’s swag.

I think they didn’t give the rock to Ryan Grant near enough. And that is not just because he is on my fantasy team.

(It really isn’t. That guy looked solid.)

Shut up about the Cowboys already.

Donald Driver Swag.
Donald Driver Swag.

PS They are still in 1st in the NFC East. Thanks San Diego.

PPS They have a light schedule coming up. Washington and Oakland on Thanksgiving. Although Washington looked good against Denver. And by ‘looked good’ I mean ‘I assume they looked decent, even though I watched a mere 25 seconds of highlights from that game.’ Something about a fake FG?

PPPS Seriously, Ryan Grant.

PPPPS Green Bay is still wayyy behind Minnesota. How ironic.

PPPPPS That wasn’t really ironic.

What an ugly man. That facial hair has gotta go. PLZ! OMG! LOL!
What an ugly man. That facial hair has gotta go. PLZ! OMG! LOL!

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