The Cowboys prove they are decent. Allen Iverson proves nothing.

The Cowboys beat the Eagles.


Sure, everyone hates the Eagles but I mean, did the Cowboys really look THAT good?

Sure, they took the NFC East lead, for now, but I mean, what’s with the Giants?

The Dallas media is just so anxious to jump on the Cowboy Bandwagon.

Its embarrassing.

I mean a 4 game win streak is pretty dirty. But its against the Chiefs, the Falcons, the Seahawks and the Eagles it becomes less impressive.

The Falcons are good. Matt Ryan aka Matty Ice is becoming less dominant and more pick-prone. But I guess that’s the sophomore slump? They also have a fairly strong chance at a wild card. I guess.

The Eagles are good. I mean McNabb got picked about 5 times by my count (ESPN says 2 but I disagree) but DeSean Jackson will not be shut down every week like that. Oh and did I even mention Brian Westbrook? No, I didn’t.

20080521 dn peterpan 400
DeSean Jackson. What was this photo's original use?

The Chief and the Seahawks are awful. End of story. Period. Let’s be realz.

Dallas needs to win in the playoffs to win me over.

And beat the Giants. And go at least 10-6 if not 11-5.

Then we can talk.

Don’t even get me started on Roy Williams.

Roy Williams. Hook'Em Lions!

Allen Iverson, to jump to my real favorite sport, is irrelevant.

By even typing this sentence I am giving him too much attention.

He is like the Brett Favre of the NBA.

Except Brett Favre is officially in beastmode and had an illustrious career in the Bay.

AI on the other hand played for like the 76ers and the Nuggets and the Pistons and now the Grizz, making less of an impact as he went on.

Is is embarrassing? Yes. He needs to know when to hang it up.

He needs to hang it up.

Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson. Is that other guy in the background shirtless as well? WHERE IS THIS PLACE?!

If he could he should go back and not be such a firebrand and go back to his 76ers days. Then maybe make the playoffs 3 more seasons out of 6 or so then leave basketball.

He has left a strong, deeply embedded mark on the game of pro basketball.

He has faded out, not exploded into nothingness.

The Memphis owner, Michael Heisley, claims “if [Iverson] was going to retire, he’d tell me first.”

Are we talking about the same Iverson?

Let’s be realistic. While he might not do something crazy physically, like try to fight someone during a game (a la Ron-Ron) he is still an emotional, mental headcase.

He can and will retire without any indication of anything AND not even blink.

Such a large decision with a massive impact on the Grizzlies, and Iverson would not bat an eyelash.

If you consider Iverson’s past behavior, the future becomes less cloudy.

Memphis should have seen this coming.

Allen Iverson. He did change the game. Props for that. But really. What's his mouth doing? Is he saying something? Woo?

(Editor’s Note: There aren’t very many jokes in the actual text of the post. So I tried to make all the captions moderately amusing. Thank you.)


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