Brandon Jennings: What Starbury Could Have Been. Only, with better hair.

I have a pretty torrid love affair with BJennings.

I mean, I have always been in love with him and his game.

Ever since I saw the hair.

brandon_jennings haircut swag
That's a carry. Just so you know.

It wasn’t until ‘Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot’ that I realize what superb, unadulterated swag he really had.

Swag is a word that is intentionally ambiguous.

But when you see BJ, you know its definition.

Because of this, you can clearly see the reason he went to Europe.

It takes a certain cockiness to dismiss college, the only way for a US-born player to enter the League.

Italy? Really? The only two people who play in Italy are Kobe’s dad and Josh Childress.

And no one knows who Childress is.

AND Josh Childress plays in Greece.

Josh Childress

But that’s not the point.

BJ didn’t get any PT in Italy. He also didn’t play like a mug. Like a madman. Or particularly well.

But he did it.

And the whole world was buzzin cuz of it, cousin.

Jump ahead like however long he was in Europe.

Draft Day? This was BJ in a nutshell.

Coming in late, 2 picks after himself. Swaggin in a purple tie. Creepin up on David. How much more BJ can you get?

Brandon Jennings in the flesh.

Fast forward to a week into the NBA season.

BJ is shooting a blazing 48% from the field, featuring 50% from3. He averages 22 points on a subpar Bucks team. ROY much? I think so.

He leads the Bucks in the following:

Age (Youngest), Games Started, Minutes, Minutes Per Game, FG, FG Per Game, FGA, FGA Per Game, FG% (minimum 3 FG attempted), 3P, 3P Per Game, 3PA, 3PA Per Game, 3P%, Assists, Assists Per Game, Steals, Steals Per Game, Turnovers, Turnovers Per Game.

I’ll keep a running tally of how he continues to dominate my mind as well as the Bucks backcourt.

More importantly:

Ersan Ilyasova. Bucks Forward or Guard or Center I don’t really care.

Averages. 8.2 fouls. Per 36 Minutes.

How can you average more fouls than it takes to foul out of a game, in merely 3 quarters.

Such is

If only he had kept the 'do. Then I would respect him.



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