The Lakers are the Best

I’m usually not above making fun of children making awful YouTube videos.

But I’m not in the mood right now.

Just watch this little tyke croon his sweet love ballad to the Lakers.

P.S. Kid, I know you’re like 12 maybe? But use some more complex rhyming words. Just sayin.

The first line starts out pretty dope, rhyming “are” with “how” although he sort of mispronounces “how” to sound like “harw.”

Checkmate, Lakers Kid.

The second line is where it all falls into the deep abyss of awesome song-hood.

Kobe Bryant, leading the way. He played at the top of his game, in ev-er-y way.

Now I consider myself both harsh and souless so I have no problem criticizing the whole rhyming “way” with “way” thing.

Yeahhhh. I feel like the kid’s mom will never read this. If she does though, how’s it going, Laker Mom?

P.S. If you are unfamiliar with the Snickers commercials that don’t make much sense, here’s a YouTube to help explain.

A Disclaimer: I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL. I think it is hilarious. But on to the actual point of this tangent.

Nate Robinson had a stroke of genius on his Twitter. He has his own idea for these commercials. I’ll let him take it from here:

“I got a snickers commercial 4 yall, super man and kryptonate R walk n down da street watch n a old lady at the park dunking, so I steal the Ball from the old lady jump over her as iam in the air superman fly’s outta no where I throw the oop he dunks on her, superman and Kryptonate a freak of natchew !!! LoL”

So if you could decipher that, congratulations.

I think its really stupid. But the punchline is a stroke of genius.

Stroke of genius. I just wanted to say it a third time.

Freak of Nat-Chew. He’s got mad swag. Not a big deal.



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