Download a Tennis Mask!

Rafa Nadal, Tennis Player/Mask
Rafael Nadal, Tennis Player/Mask

What a surprise.

Another Tennis Major Championship, another stupid promo.

Well, not really. This is kinda the first one ever.

Still, out of Jolly Old England and the BBC, here come Tennis Masks!

What are they? Why what do you think? Bloody masks eh!

Wait. I think eh is Canadian.


Besides this being very stupid, I’m going to run through what people will think of you if you wear one.

nadal tennis mask

Rafael Nadal:

This would make you either a teenage girl or an enamored blogger like myself. NOTE: Don’t wear a shirt if you wear a Rafa mask. If you are really Rafa, you look awesome without your shirt.

roger tennis mask

Roger Federer:

You are a tool. Either that or you like the Red Wings, the Yankees, the Lakers and the Patriots. (You like lame dynasties.)

andy murray

Andy Murray:

You like ugly masks. There’s no other way you’d wear this.

tim henman

Tim Henman:

Class act. You like to look good and wear the mask of a real champion.

Also. Tim Henman included in the Tennis Mask group? Really BBC?

Big surprise. England has trouble letting stuff go. I’m surprised. Surprise.


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