Who is JD Power and Associates?

And who does he think he is?

They are all over the place.

Cars. Realtors. Electronics. Insurance.

If there’s one thing I like, its picking one thing and sticking to it.

Like this blog.

Yes, I use myself as an example.

Get used to it.

But really. Watch TV for like 60 minutes and if you don’t see a commercial that touts some JD Power and Associates award, then you aren’t looking hard enough!



JD Power and Associates’s awards are a dime a dozen. They’re cheaper than using a cliche here. Frankly, I’m surprised this blog doesn’t have you.

They mean so little to anyone that I could see JD Power and Associates just throwing darts a a board with companies on it and then SCHTOINK. Prudential Real Estate gets an award.

JD Power. Who was he?

Nobody cares!

Do you want to care about him even LESS?

Read this, as copied off Wikipedia:

He holds honorary doctorate degrees from College of the Holy Cross, California Lutheran University, California State University, Northridge, and Misericordia College

How many doctorates do you need? One, two TOPS.

“Blahblahblah. I’m not really a doctor, I just made up a fake award for companies that I think are decent. Blahyaddayaddhaydls.” -JD Power.

“We suck too!” -and Associates

Your award means NOTHINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your award means NOTHINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. This post was written on Wednesday. I’m out of the blogosphere until Monday. If something bad happens to JD Power or, God forbid, his associates, ignore what I just said.


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