The NBA Shop makes horrible t-shirts.

Taking a different approach today: Attacking fashion. Check that, NBA Fashion.

First up, the t-shirt that inspired this post.

For future reference, call this shirt "The Black Monstrosity"
For future reference, call this shirt "The Black Monstrosity"

This is such a dumb tshirt.

Who wants to wear a blue-print of the Staples Center. Or in this case, a black-print.

But wait. What team are you supporting by wearing this shirt?

The team name isn’t on the front of the shirt SEVEN times.

Then again this shirt has an Ed Hardy-ish vibe. WHICH I HATE.

Its trying WAY too hard to be hip and cool and just ends up being trite and cliche.

Not to mention the model’s uncomfortable look.

How ya doing, cliche-stubble’d dude?

0 for 1

I believe this one is actually called "The Rebel"
I believe this one is actually called "The Rebel"

What is this all black, hipster phase of the shirts?

They just come off as lame.

Everyone knows when you try too hard to be cool, you end up lookin like a tool.

I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. Oh well. It’s tuff being this awesome.

One more thing: What does “PRIDE OF” mean?

Does it mean the wearer of this shirt is proud of the Lakers? Or is this a pride like a group of lions? Or is it the Pride of the NBA Logo? The Pride of Los Angeles? So confusing, but now that I think about it, it makes sense that it’s on this shirt.

Moving on.

"The Jersey Pop"
"The Jersey Pop"

Oh, hey. Do you love that thing that Kobe does when he pops his jersey? Oh, cool. Do you want that immortalized on a shirt? NO. NO ONE WANTS THAT.

Oh, you did it anyway. Thanks, Mr. NBA.

It so rebellious. But not. At all.

Besides, just the name alone makes me think of two things that would create an amazing combination.

New Jersey and Popcorn! It’s like Jiffy-Pop but not!

Now let me just Photoshop something right quick.

New Jersey looks better already!
New Jersey looks better already!

P.S. Don’t take this as a Laker hating article. They just have the largest fan base in the NBA, hence the most stupid gear.


5 thoughts on “The NBA Shop makes horrible t-shirts.

  1. Hey, that second shirt isn’t too bad. Srsly.

    Nah but these are all shirts that, well, black people would wear. Esp. the kobe one. They can pull off the look.

  2. You’re a fucking retard. It’s “Pride of…the NBA”

    Any fuckwad with a brain can see that.

    Is sitting at home and making blog posts all you do?

    Get some friends. Be social.

    Your commentary sucks.

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