The title of this post was a test.

Were you more interested because of the title?

That’d be cool.


Let’s be honest.

Jump to 0:25.

That is a dirty play. No question. But I’m not one to rant.

Instead I would prefer to discuss JVG aka Jeff Van Gundy aka Mr. Money Machine and alllll that.

He is staunchly pro-“Playoff Foul” and anti-Flagrant, Technical or anything like that.

Even he, JVG aka I’m not typing out all those nicknames again, says it was intentional

If that doesn’t seal the deal, I don’t know what will.

News Flash: Dahntay Jones is a tool.

Side Note News Flash: Dahntay Jones went to Duke.

Are these two News Flashes related? Who’s to say?

I am to say. Yes. Duke = tool.

Dahntay Jones is like Bruce Bowen combined with some sort of Mexican jumping bean; a really athletic cheap shot artist.

Now I know that Mexican jumping bean thing confused you. But I meant that Dahntay Jones can jump really high, not that he went well with rice. Hi-yo.

I’m pretty mad right now.


Just a typical day in Moscow.
Just a typical day in Moscow.

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