LeBron James + Mike Vick SuperPOSt!

King James FTW
King James FTW

If you haven’t seen it, you either a) are living under a rock or b) you can read my blog under your rock? Wi-fi? Cool.

LeBron. 1 second left. Everyone wanted it to happen. Except the Magic and the Brothers Van Gundy. (Yes, I am including SVG and JVG)

I’ll be honest. I didn’t think it would happen. I thought the Magic had this one in the bag.

I wanted to stop watching and go cry in a corner.

And by cry in a corner I mean do something else.

This is not just a shot. This is a season.

Who comes back from 0-2? NO ONE. Except maybe LeBron. How ironic. Now he doesn’t.

I’d like to go over some reactions.

1. Mo Williams. On the sideline. On his knees, head in hands. I’m guessing he was sobbing with joy. That’s just me.

2. Sasha Pavlovic. As you can see in the picture, he was the first to congratulate LeBron. With an awkward, near-tackle hug.

3. SVG aka Stan Van Gundy aka Mr. Thanksgiving aka Mr. Money Machine and alllllll that. I’m not sure I could find that, but he gave a shrug like this… like there’s nothing you can do about that.

So the King Crab swagged all over the gym.

And if that’s not good enough, Mike Vick got out of jail!

But really if that shot’s not good enough, you should not watch sports.

Anyway. MIKE VICK.

He got out of prison. House arrest time.

Here’s why I think people need to sign him.

  1. He’s got swag.
  2. He knows what its like in prison. An obvious advantage.
  3. He’s learned invaluable lessons from his cell mates.
  4. He will have been humbled by his experience as a 10-dollar-an-hour construction worker.
  5. He’s in better shape then when he was playing.
  6. He’s an immediate ticket draw.
  7. Have I used the word sympathy? Or remorse?

Sure, I’m assuming some stuff, but everyone deserves a second chance right?


Make Roddy White's dream come true. A dream deferred is a dream denied.
Make Roddy White's dream come true. A dream deferred is a dream denied.

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