James Harrison.

Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker.

Candidate for Most Confusing Human Being on the Earth, 2009.

Everyone knows if you win a Championship anyone cares about, you go to the White House.


So the Steelers, NFL Champions 2009, are going to the White House.

But not James Harrison.

Does he disagree with Obama’s policies? Maybe have an illegitimate child in D.C.? Hate the Washington Nationals?

NO. NONE of those logical reasons.

The Nationals aren't used to celebrating in a non-awkward way.
The Nationals aren't used to celebrating.

Instead we get this gem of a quote:

“If you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don’t win the Super Bowl, so as far as I’m concerned he (Obama) would have invited Arizona if they had won”

I’m sorry. What.

Obama isn’t just inviting some random NFL team.

I feel like if he did that, he would invite… oh, I don’t know… the CHICAGO BEARS, his favorite NFL team.

No, no. James, you’re right. Inviting the Bears would be counter-intuitive.

He’s throwing America a curveball by inviting the Steelers.


You mean to tell me that President Obama is inviting the team that won the Super Bowl, like so many presidents before him have, just because they WON THE SUPER BOWL?

I’m truly shell-shocked that Obama might have invited the CARDINALS if they had won.

Truly incredible.

Although it seems so peculiar and stupid, Harrison did it when Bush was President in 2006 too.


Harrison told Pittsburgh station WTAE-TV he does not believe the invitation is all that special.

I’m going out on a limb and saying that .01% of people will ever meet the active President of the United States.

I’m also gonna say that like 1 or 2% of people will step foot on the White House property.

So, not special? NOT SPECIAL?

I don’t know if that’s disrespectful, stupid or really stupid.

Probably all 3.

Maybe not disrespectful to the U.S., but disrespectful to the opportunity to visit the center of the Free World.

I would like to go and I would go if I could.

James Harrison says “No thanks.”


Just, Wow.

The Harrison-Obama Showdown that I was hoping for will never happen. Dangit.
The Harrison-Obama Showdown that I was hoping for will never happen. Dangit.

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