Just when I think I’m gone.

ESPN pulls me back with 2 amazing stories.

Manny coppin some roids.

Brett Favre as a Viking.

But then, the rug gets pulled out from under me.

Manny used some noob hCG garbage.


How disappointing.

I’ll riff a little on each.

You’ll read it.

Then you can watch Ron Artest’s post game interview.

Just watch the first 40 seconds.

It is the greatest anecdote ever.


So the whole Manny thing.

Its kinda depressing.

I’m not sure anyone is happy about it.

Most people are indifferent.

Even Bud Selig.

And he’s the KING of emotion.

"I touch my right ear. A lot." -Bud Selig
"I touch my right ear. A lot." -Bud Selig

I assumed there were more pictures of the always stoic Selig.

So there could be some irony between my “King of emotion” comment and the picture.

But no dice.

So instead I went for the Bud Selig joke.

Its pretty good.


On to Brett Favre.

ESPN says:

Wojieckesaki: Nothing Wrong with Reversal

Clayton: Favre Makes Sense for Vikings

Clayton: Saga has plenty of Intrigue.



Why did I type it out when I was just going to paste the picture?

Waste of life.


You know why this is compelling?

Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?

2 reasons.

1. They have to have SOMETHING to drivel on and on about.

2. They write about it. So people read it. So then people care.

If they didn’t write about it, NO ONE WOULD CARE.

Not a soul would care about Brett Favre’s endless waffling except maybe Tarvaris Jackson.

This is such a ridiculous saga.

It is a waste of everyone’s time ever.

Even people in the past.

Sorry, Tarvaris.

I hate for you to worry.

How dare you, Brett Favre. What gives you the right?
How dare you, Brett Favre. What gives you the right?


As promised.

Ron Artest telling one of the top 10 greatest stories ever.

Tell me this worked…


His friend got a table leg thrown his heart.

NOTE: This is not a joke at the death of his friend.

Ron-Ron’s nonchalantness makes this amazing.

Its like he’s just kickin back, doing a post-game interview.

And he drops the fact about his friend getting speared.

Sure, this might be in bad taste.

But I’m a blogger.

Oh well.

The new king of comedic timing. Get it? King?
The new king of comedic timing. Get it? King?

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