Kenyon “Who’s Lips Are These?” Martin and the Ongoing Saga of the Denver Thuggets

Watch the whole video. The key is like 40 seconds in, just so you know.


This is a cheap shot.

Sure, Dirk is soft. I would give that to you.

But really.


You think you can get away with this?

Sure, you’re not getting any calls on the defensive side so you can body Dirk up all day long.

Why push it too far?

Why forearm shiver Dirk to kingdom come?


Was Dirk talking trash?


Are you just mental?

Yes. No doubt.

Was this a cheap shot?

Yes also.

How fitting the nickname KMart actually is.

Because both Kenyon and KMart are cheap and dirty.

Yeah. It was a good analogy.

Admit it.

Denver fans will hate this, but the foul was not a playoff foul.

Sure you can go hard and foul hard and all that stuff.

But this was over the top.

I am not pleased.

Kenyon Martin has lips on the side of his neck.
Kenyon Martin has lips on the side of his neck.

That is the real question.

What’s up with the lips?

“They’re my girlfriend’s” -KM.

That’s an actual quote. I watched a YouTube vid of him explaning them.

For some one that “gritty” and “hood” that seems to lame.

Yes, those quotation marks were necessary.

One word: Tool.

Typical KMart. Right?
Typical KMart. Right? But which KMart do I mean? KMart or KMart? GAHHHHHHHH.

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