A Fake Interview with Rajon “Kia” Rondo.

I assume you will have watched this by the time you read the interview.



FS!: Rajon. Whussup my brother?

RR: Nothing much man. Just trying to stop crying.

FS!: Why are you cryin’ brah?

RR: Derrick Rose stole my lunch money. Figuratively.

FS!: Ohhhh. By lunch you mean “dignity” and by money you mean “I lack any sort of jumper”

RR: If I meant that, I would be saying “Derrick Rose stole my dignity I lack any sort of jumper.” Now I didn’t go to college, or maybe I did, I am not sure, but that is not an English sentence.”

FS!: It is now. Stupid kid.

RR: Whoa whoa whoa. I’m not stupid and I’m not a kid.

FS!: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

RR: No.

FS!: Well that settles that.

RR: Settles what?

FS!: [Laughs] Good one, Rajon. You have quite the dry wit.

RR: I am so confused.

FS!: [Laughs] I don’t throw this word around alot but your comedic timing is IMPECCABLE.

RR: Shut up. I don’t know who you are.

FS!: Fantastik Sports. Obviously.

RR: Oh, right. Gotcha.

FS!: Why do my interviews always turn into filler material?

RR: Is that a rhetorical question? Because if not, I will try to answer.

FS!: Anyway Rajon. I’m going to throw some nicknames at you and you’re going to give me your honest opinion.

RR: I’m down, clown.

FS!: Rajon “Kia” Rondo. Because Kia has a car named the Rondo.

RR: I get it.

FS!: So what do you think?

RR: I think it works on more than just a superficial level. Because my game is mediocre at best, much like Kia.

FS!: Wow. I didn’t even think of that. Although isn’t that kind of an insult at yourself?

RR: Oh, trust me, I know I’m not all that great.

FS!: Glad we’re on the same page.

RR: Yeah.

FS!: Next nickname. Rajon “Hatton Awards” Rondo

RR: Not great. I mean I doubt people pick up on the fact that this is reference to the Rondo Hatton Classic Film Awards, a fan-based, online awards ceremony for fans of classic horror films. But that’s just me.

FS!: I am impressed. Even I thought that was too subtle. But hey, that’s just Rajon being Rajon.

RR: No doubt about it.

FS!: How bout this one: Mr. Rondo’s Neighborhood.

RR: That is not specific to me, but could be used to reference my crew or my crib, you know? But I can’t see announcers using it.

FS!: You might be a nickname genius.

RR: Thanks. That’s all I ever wanted.

FS!: Last one. Rajon “The Music Man” Rondo. That might be way too subtle.

RR: Yeah. For most people. But I know that, in music, a rondo is an instrumental form characterized by the initial statement and subsequent restatement of a particular melody or section, the various statements of which are separated by contrasting material.

FS!: I am amazed that you just came up with that definition on your own. Wow.

RR:Although any piece built upon this basic plan of alternation or digression and return may be legitimately designated rondo, most rondos conform to one of two basic schemes: the five-part (abaca, with a representing the main theme) and the seven-part (abacaba).

FS!: Stop it.

RR: No.

FS!: Fine.


Looks like Derrick Rose stole more than just Rajon's lunch money. He also stole his shirt. Get it?
Looks like Derrick Rose stole more than just Rajon's lunch money. He also stole his shirt. Get it?

Back tats are underrated.

Also Rajon Rondo apparently just invented the phrase “I’m down, clown.”

I had never heard that before.

Nor will I hear it ever again.


25 thoughts on “A Fake Interview with Rajon “Kia” Rondo.

  1. yeah and the fact that he averaged a triple double in the series and led the celtics to beat the bulls and win the series should be included in your gay ass interview haha

    1. wow your just a fucking faggot…..rose < RONDO……..btw in your little video up there^ you see the score? look a little bit up on tht and you see 3-2……guess wat happens next….

  2. Hahahaha… this is so fucking lame. For you to hate on Rondo so much shows a secret love affair for him. Right now, Rondo is playing on a much higher level than Rose, can affectively run the entire Celtic offense, and… oh yeah, he’s got a ring.

    1. Yeah, Fuck YOUUU Kobe Bryant ! Rajon Rondo is WAYYY better than your dumb M.V.P fake ass(: Wifebeaterrrr'(;
      &Bitch who wrote this, shut tha’Fuck up CUNT!
      iHope your boy can dribble his damn ball faster
      than he can chant,(talk smack & cry). what a sad excuse for a basketball player! tahahahaha,
      ❤ youu Rajon(:

  3. well it is really funny to be honest cus here we have the two best young people in the playoffs but then again we have one that is better faster and knows what he’s doing and that guy is Rajon Rondo sorry dude thats just how the cookie crumbles hater

  4. “I think it works on more than just a superficial level. Because my game is mediocre at best, much like Kia.”

    Now a year after this was written, you would be the skull showcased at the top???? Fool???? Fantastik Sports?????

  5. Rajon Rondo is becoming 1 of the best point gaurds in the league! He is just learning but already has a ring too. You must really be hatin’ now with the way he is killing everybody in the playoffs!! Ha Ha!!

  6. Hey jennifer fausto!!! it’s you have A rat face not you have rat face dummy! And stop putting your whole government name on blogs stupid!!

  7. First of all why do people like yall…spend your time online leaving comments.! to me its a waste of time. Who would even think to do somthing so immature….Whoeva made this interview needs to grow some balls and become a man!!! Right now Rondo is the best point guard out there he’s young and who will be here when all the Lebron’s and Kobe’s Leave it might as well be Rondo!!! My point is instead of you making someone elses life miserable why dont you go out there and try to do it put yourself in theres shoes i really dont think Rondo gives to fucks about any of you Betos…^ here. and thats all i got to say!!!!!!.

  8. lol. look at how Rondo’s been killing the playoffs and is now leading his team to another title. too bad for you, your words are too lame for his game so be down, clown. haha. dumbass

    1. Rondo maybe small but he ROCKS the court with his moves…. additional Cuttie points…hes adorable….hahaha

  9. All you hatas stop hatin on ma maine man rondo. Last time i checked, he is practically rich so instead of sittin here writing lame comments how bout u go find ur selves jobs n stop bein so freakin ignorant 😉

  10. ummm for all ya hatters rajon rondo is the BEST!! so yall needa stop hatin on him, just bc yall not no famous NLF players!!! so yall needa realy get a life 4real!!

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