Covering A LOT of Ground.

I have 3 things right off the top of my head but there could be more.


Watch the whole thing.


I shouldn’t have to beg.

This is the most awkward thing I may have ever seen.

This guy, whatever his name is, makes like a semi-but-not-really-that racist joke.

Not only was it semi-well-you-know-the-drill racist but it was just dumb and bad and uneccessary to the infinity power.

I mean really.

They are taking a guy off the field IN A NECK BRACE.


And lo and behold, you’re making a bad, rude, unprovoked, semi-deranged joke.

What is wrong with you?

Oh really? Nothing? It was just bad timing?



"What's that on my face? It feels like the hand of a short, bad-jump-shooting guard. RONNNNNNNDOOOOO?" -Brad Miller
"What's that on my face? It feels like the hand of a short, bad-jump-shooting point guard. RONNNNNNNDOOOOO?" -Brad Miller

Brad Miller got absolutely destroyed by the fury fists of Rajon Rondo.

Where is the love/flagrant foul?

Now some might say, good firm foul.

I say Brad Miller started bleeding from his mouth.

Some might say it wasn’t intentional.

But the NBA doesn’t outline flagrants with any mention of intent:

“A flagrant foul-penalty (1) is unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.”

Was the shot to the face unnecessary? OF COURSE.

It was a hard foul that should have been called but was not.

Now you may be thinking, “Please extend your argument using statistics”

I say “Okay”

Brad Miller: Career Free Throw Percentage 80.1%

That is the first time I have ever fact checked ANYTHING.

He clanged not one but TWO free throws.

Brad Miller isn’t a rookie, he wasn’t nervous.

He was slightly, a little bit, possibly phased by the head shot he just took, courtesy of the Kia Rondo.

The only viable argument would be that the announcers jinxed him by saying:

“The Chicago Bulls have made 16 free throws in a row thus far”

That is the only other explanation.


I had some commentary on the swine flu but its too caustic.

I’ll hold off.

It could get ugly.

So to get your mind off of that, here’s a picture of DeShawn Stevenson.

I have been waiting SO long to use this picture.
I have been waiting SO long to use this picture.
AND this one.
AND this one.

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