R. Kelly + Yao Ming = Well, I’m not really sure.

NOTE: Watch the whole video. It is so worth it. Like honestly. This is the first video I have ever posted that I have watched all the way through.

DISCLAIMER: There is mild swearing.

There is so much wrong with this video.

But there is more that is right.

First off.

The kid on the left, Reese/Reece is like 100 times more into this song that the kid on the right, Tom/Tom.

Reese is like going nuts. He plays a great invisible piano. He’s like the Stevie Wonder of invisible pianos.

That analogy isn’t as great as it seems. Because wasn’t every piano Stevie Wonder played basically invisible?

Because he was blind?

That’s is not an insult. Just a critique on my blogging.

Stevie Wonder is a beast.

As if that wasn’t enough, he has a great little run at about 1:35 in the video. And then at 1:56. And then at like 2:00. And at 2:10. And 2:19. And 2:24.

He attempts one at like 2:45 but really trails off. That’s what fatigue does to rookies.

Another amazing aspect of this video is the focus on Yao Ming’s heritage.

Numerous stabs at his Chinese-ness.

He hooked me up with sushi.

He drives a Mitsubishi? Is that a joke cuz he’s tall or cuz he’s Asian? Or did it just fit the context? I am confused.

Needs a translator because I don’t know what he say? That’s kinda true.

He must be too freakin’ Asian? Wow. That’s excessive.

Barely speaks english AND he eats raw fish? This video is amazing.

The farmer loves his cow part FTW.

Chicopee Wiffleball FTW.

This video FTW.


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