Erick Dampier and the Swag Saga.

Damp's Gun Show.
Damp's Gun Show.

Erick Dampier said some inflammatory comments.

Don’t worry, its not what you think.

He didn’t do that.

He just said this, about Tony Parker:

“Every time he drives the lane, we have to put him on his back. The first foul has to tell him he’s in for a long night. My first foul Thursday night is going to put him on his back. I guarantee it.”

Now really.

This makes the playoffs fun.

Things like Kobe Bryant shooting alot?

Things like Dwayne Wade trying to carry a team?

All that stuff we can get in the regular season.


So that’s only two things.

But its Wednesday and I’m tired.


Here’s what you don’t get in the reg seas:

Threats towards lame, Frenchmen point guards.

A crowd in Portland that is so nervous they barely cheer.

LeBron James swaggin all over Detroit.

Lemme revise that last one, cuz it happens alot.

LeBron James swaggin all over Detroit, two games in a row.

The Chicago Bulls threatening the Celtics, an Leon Powe’s ACL collapsing because of it.

Ben Gordon + Del Harris + Derrick Rose aka Rookie of the Year = 1-1 at the Boston Garden.

”]The Coaching Genius himself, Del Harris. Architect of the Chinese Mens' Basketball Team (2004) along with the Dallas Mavericks (1900-2006) and currently the Chicago Bulls. (Present-...)

All these aspects of the playoffs make them just that much better.

But that tangent moved me away from my point.

The Mavericks need to lay the bejesus out of Tony Parker everytime they get the chance. put a body on Tony Parker.

This is the series they wanted.

They cannot afford to let the chance to win fly past on Tony Parker’s ugly facial scruff face.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be calling for attack on one player.

But I am not saying hurt him.

I’m just saying let him know where his place is when he’s in Dallas.

Shooting contested jumpers, none of these drive-by, shove-off-the-defender-then-look-for-the-foul garbage that has become commonplace with the type of basketball the Spurs play.

I mean if he is as wet as he was in game 2 so be it.

But contest every layup like you mean it, Dallas.

Oh, hello. I'm a cliche'd tool!
"Oh, hello. I'm a cliche'd tool! Although it seemed impossible, this hat made me MORE pretentious. As did my pseudo-hipster scruff!" -Tony Parker

Why was I so harsh?

I feel remorse.

Oh well. I’m part of the problem with the blogosphere.


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