A Real Interview with the Fake LeBron James

LeBron vs. Fantastik. Coming up NEXxXT.
LeBron vs. Fantastik. Coming up NEXxXT.

let’s cut right to the meat of the interview.

the first couple minutes are boring so i cut them, due to time constraints.


FS!: [Laughing] Remember when that thing happened like 3 minutes ago in this interview?

LJ: [Also laughing, but harder] Yeah. That was so funny. Then that other thing happened right after. I can’t believe that he would do that.

FS!: His family should be embarassed.

LJ: I’m so surprised that George Clooney would do that with a United States Senator.

FS!: Wow. Craziest interview of my life. Anyway.

LJ: You’re a better interviewer than anyone I’ve ever met.

FS!: Anyway.

LJ: I love you.

FS!: So LeBron, may I call you LeBron, LeBron?

LJ: You may call me LeBron, Fantastik Sports.

FS!: So LeBron. What is Delonte West like in person?

LJ: No comment.

FS!: [Laughs] Good one Lebron.

LJ: No. Comment.

FS!: Dude. Just a question. It’s not like I’m asking anything personal?

LJ: [The best word to describe his tone would be irate] Oh, not personal. NOT PERSONAL?

FS!: Fine, brah. Don’t hate. This is an interview after all.

LJ: Brah. I am not your brah.

FS!: Brahhhhhhhhhh.

LJ: Whatever dawg. I have to go. I have a game. In like an hour.

FS!: It’s 9AM. And you had a game last night. You do not have a game. I know this for a fact.

LJ: Yeah. But its a practice actually.

FS!: Okay. Understandable. Thanks for your time.

LJ: I mean, its a team meeting.

FS!: Dude, don’t care. If you wanna leave you can.

LJ: I have to go to breakfast.

FS!: Am I that intimdating?

LJ: Its lunch now.

FS!: Even I feel like that’s tedious now.

LJ: Dinner?

FS!: Leave. LeBron. Just leave.


I hope this interview wasn’t over your head.


I’m lookin at you.

No, not you.



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