the phoenix suns

so yeah.

its that time again.

fake interview time.




who am i going to interview?



stevie nash?

no. although i would deff call him stevie nicks-nash. LOL.

This is Stevie Nicks. She was in Fleetwood Mac. I think.
This is Stevie Nicks. She was in Fleetwood Mac. I think.


the suns mascot?

no, even that’s too obvious.

i’m interviewing the suns.

the team.

not the players on the team.

the team.

lets do this thang.

FS!: Zup PHX?!

PS: Nothing. Just doin this interview.

FS!: Yeah no kidding?

PS: No kidding.

FS!: So how are things?

PS: Pretty cool. I mean I’m not that great this year. But hopefully I’ll get to go to the playoffs.

FS!: I hope you don’t.

PS: That’s really straightforward of you.You should be more polite. I’m a busy…. thing.

FS!: Okay. Anyway. What’s Shaq like? Is he big? Is he Aristotle?

PS: How can someone be Aristotle?

FS!: If you knew, you would understand.

PS: Well I don’t.

The Big Aristotle
The Big Aristotle

FS!: Fine. But you know what’s fun?

PS: What?

FS!: Giving more than like a 5 word answer. This is an interview after all.

PS: I blame your questions.

FS!: That’s the problem with you. You are always blaming others. Maybe you should take some blame.

PS: I haven’t done anything wrong.

FS!: Except not win. Got em.

PS: Hey. I’m gearing up for a playoff run.

FS!: You can gear up all you want. You have to get in first.

PS: I’m resting my starters. Don’t want them tired for the 1st round.

FS!: That defies all logic, ever.

PS: See? This is why you aren’t an NBA team like me.

FS!: That’s not why.

PS: How would you know?

FS!: This is the worst interview ever.

PS: Whoever is gonna transcribe this is gonna be awesome though.



FS!: Phoenix ph-sucks.

PS: Fantastik wordplay. NOTTTTTT.

FS!: Got em.

PS: This has gotten tedious.

FS!: There you have it. An interview with a team.

PS: What did we learn?


Why do people make collages?
Why do people make collages?

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