john calipari

ignore my bad spelling for like 50 seconds.

thank you in advanced.


whats up with this guy?

why leave memphis?

oh, you think its a city hit hard by the recession and is filled with crime.

is there anything else?

oh its #4 on worst cities in america?

oh i made that up?



i would take perrenial sleeper/mid-major status over middling SEC status.

does UK even recruit?

i feel like johnny will experience a rupp patch.

get it?

cuz rupp was the name of a kentucky coach at some point.

i think.

but there is one highlight out of this whole thing.

tyreke evans is coming out after all.

thanks ‘reke.

appreciate the love folk.

has it been 50 seconds yet?

cuz i can’t spell appreciate.


the sooner we get tyreke in a knicks jersey the better.

because he’s basically the next marbury.

in a good way.

here come some head tats.

back to the point.

john will regret this decision.

you heard it here first.

although you didn’t hear it.

at least i don’t think you did.

how did you hear this?

now im confused.



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