talk to chuck

hey chuck.

your commercial?

its terrible.

absolutely awful.

here’s what youre trying to do:

get with the hip generation.

here’s what youre actually doing:

alienating everyone ever in the history of anyone.

i mean ill be honest.

there have been worse commercials.

those chevy this is our country ones come to mind.

but really.

i COULD, could like these commecials.

but, but, BUT, BUT

do you ever get that thing where words dont look like words anymore?

i just had that for but.


i could like these commercials.


they are everywhere.

the volume of these commercials is horrifically anger-inducing.

i thank my lucky stars that they haven’t taken over the food network yet.

please chuck, dont attack the only thing i have left.

now in response to a problem you may have with this post:

“Its not about sports!”


the guy in the youtube clip is wearing a hat.


last i checked, baseball was a sport.

check and mate.


there’s another ad that has some guy sitting at what i can only assume is his son’s baseball game.

and thats a big assumption.

then he says something generic like

“swing away tommy”

the cliche-ness of these ads, especially that damn baseball one is tremendous.

i might have to talk to chuck.


that was forced.


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