courtesy of mexico

hey yall

im reppin mexico on smash right now.

i know, its so intense im reppin and smashin



the keyboards kinda funny

it has an ñ


ill work that in later

any way im here to pick my like 3 most compelling first round games of the ncaas.

yeah i said it.



Game #1:

Missouri vs. Cornell


because at this moment im working on my mascot bracket.

where i pick each game based on if the two teams mascots did battle.

so yeah.

missouri TIGERS or the cornell big RED?

i know should be easy.

but look for cornells logo.


wow i know these decisions will keep me up at night.


game #2:

Cal vs. Maryland

this is so compelling.

maryland is legit and cal is kinda not.

but thats not how the seeding went down.

maryland…. the underdog in this game???


maryland is from a basketball conference.

cal is from a basketball conference that is really not a basketball conference.

how many blu-chippas has the ACC produced???

like a million.

and the pac10?

hows 1 sound for you.

and do we really even count kevin love?

more like kevin hate.

yeah that just happened.


game #3:

i think people really dont understand the complexity of a keyboard in mexico.

like some things throw me off on here.

like the ñ

and the fact that the question mark is like next to the 0

thats a 0 not an o

wow i did not communicate that very well.

near the zero not the o (the letter)


ohio st. vs. siena

im going with siena and you damn sure know why.

the big ten sucks like none other.

siena by at least 40.

bet on that.

no picture.

im about to run out of internet time…


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