joe lunardi? like really bro?

joe lunardi is some noob that writes for espn.

seriously his bracket makes no sense.

he has michigan st. as a 2 seed.

no big ten team should have a seed higher than 9.

thats a new rule for the ncaas.

joe lunardi almost follows this rule.

he also has purdue at 5.


the big ten is so horrible at most sports.

sure this could turn into a rant about the big ten.

but i’m not gonna let that happen.

instead i’m going more subtle.

did you notice a phrase that seemed particularly stupid in the first half of this?

yeah me too.

i saw when i called in the “ncaas”

that makes no sense.

the ncaa is a league.

so either it the ncaa’s, meaning it possesses something


it means the ncaas, like theres more than 1!



and don’t think it possesses the tourney.

thats in the posession of like 10 people.

i mean cmon peeps.

why call it the ncaas if you can so easily call it march madness.

or the tournament.

although you might confuse your knight friends.

get it?

because knights have tournaments.

like with horses.

oh, no?

i guess ya had to be there.


i cant wait until the tournament.

its literally the best sporting event ever.

playing for keeps.

for the year.

for life.


These guys know what's up. Being D4L.
These guys know what's up. Being D4L.

also i’m trying something new.

not posting the pic at the end of the entry.

your thoughts?

P.S. D4L is a criminally, CRIMINALLY underrated rap group.

so underrated, its criminal.



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