one more reason to hate the boston celtics.

paul pierce, you disgust me.

NO NO NO, paul don’t argue with me.


you want an interview, i’ll interview you.

FS!: So Paul, tell me. Why did you snub that little kid?

PP: [Expletive] yeah man [expletive] LeBron James jersey [expletive]

FS!: Dude. Chill, this is a family blog.

PP: Aight. But I ain’t gonna sugar-coat this. I’m tha truth baby.

FS!: So how do you feel about your chances this year, especially with the emergence of the Hawks and Cavs as tough outs in the playoffs?

PP: Well I think we got this. I mean we won last year baby. Who can doubt us? LeBron can [a long, and i mean LONG, series of expletives.]

FS!: I guess. But I like LeBron.

PP: Yeah okay.

FS!: Yeah okay. Anyway.  What made you do this interview?

PP: Well baby. I was on your blog and I saw that video and I got disgusted.

FS!: Wait, no. What? How? I hadn’t posted this until after the interview. The only way you could know I was going to post it is if you were watching the words I’m typing this very second….

PP: I ain’t gon front, baby, I saw it.

FS!: So were you like hacking my computer or some other, more sci-fi-y thing?

PP: I bent the [expletive] out of Space and Time, [Expletive]

FS!: Dude. Language.

PP: Its like i said. I’m tha truth baby!

FS!: Why do you keep calling me baby?

PP: I’m a huge Al Davis fan. You know? The Raiders owner, who said “Just Win Baby”?

FS!: Oh yes. He is quite odd looking. Go Raiders.

PP: The Celtics are the Raiders of the NBA. YaD!G?

FS!: I dig.

PP: Baby.

FS!: Anyway. We’re out of space…. and time.

PP: [Laughs]

FS!: Oh we have fun. Anyway. Any last words?

PP: Starbury and Rajon are about to…..

When you are "Tha Truth," you can get any hood rat with a giant cross tattoo you want.
When you are "Tha Truth," you can get any hood rat with a giant cross tattoo you want. Especially if that hood rat is wearing a fly hat.

So there you have it.

Sorry the last part got cut off.

I don’t think it was anything important.

So what did we learn?

  • Celtics = Raiders
  • Paul Pierce can verbally say “YaD!G” including the !

There may be some other things… idk my bff jill.


That kid in the Lebron jersey? why?

snubbing him was just unesscessary. he’s a child after all.


One thought on “one more reason to hate the boston celtics.

  1. That kid made his decision. He has FRONT ROW seats at a celts / cavs game. Do you think that kid has EVER had to deal with rejection? He’s the kinda kid that plays his PS3 on the 50″ plasma while waiting for his Wii to boot up on the 60″ DLP. I hate that kid. Not because he’s rich. Because he thinks he can come into MY house in THAT jersey and get some sort of ups? You want the truth? You can’t HANDLE the truth!

    As a Bostonian, I respect Paul Pierce EVEN MORE now than before. His “no-five” shows that his loyalty to the Green rolls at least five deep.

    KG is about to come back. Starbury to KG… I feel like a kid again… It’s all falling into place. Number 18 baby!

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